The Advanced Photon Source
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APS Beam Quality Reporting

APS beamlines can report questionable or poor beam quality via EPICS PVs(PDF iconSlideShow). There are MEDM screens available. 

Beam Quality Displays and Macro Variables 

beamQualityReport.adl - Located on all DSERVs at
Users may indicate changes in status of the beam quality on the beamQualityReport screen.  The screen will then change to the beamQualityReportForm.adl screen so the user can enter further information.

Substitutions for this screen are:
  • name = ##BM or ##ID or ##ID-US or ##ID-DS (e.g. 01BM or 24ID or 13-ID-US)
  • pv = BM or ID + two digit beamline number + us or ds (optional for canted upstream or downstream)(e.g. BM01 or ID24 or ID13us)

Beam Quality Report PV's

Variables used below (make appropriate substitutions to fit your beamline):
BL = BM or ID
##  = 2-digit sector number (i.e. 01)
[us/ds]  = us or ds (Only used for canted beamlines)
So some example PVs would be the following:

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Status – Reported beam quality for individual beamline.

  • 0 = Acceptable
  • 1 = Unacceptable (questionable or poor)

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Comment – Operator comment concerning the current state of the investigation into the beam quality local to your beamline. This is only settable by Operations.

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Name – Name of person submitting the form.

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Rate – Rate at which the problem is observed.

  • 0 = Continuous
  • 1 = Intermittent

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Intensity – Beam intensity experienced.

  • 0 = Normal
  • 1 = Somewhat Bad
  • 2 = Very Bad

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Size – Beam size indication.

  • 0 = Normal
  • 1 = Somewhat Bad
  • 2 = Very Bad

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Position – Beam position indication.

  • 0 = Normal
  • 1 = Somewhat Bad
  • 2 = Very Bad

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Variation – Beam variation when the problem is occurring.

  • 0 = Steady
  • 1 = Oscillatory/Periodic

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Contact – Contact phone number for person reporting.

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:SubmitTime – Timestamp indicating when the form was received by Operations. This is only settable by Operations.

BeamQualityReport:BL##[us|ds]:Form:Submit – Submit the form.

  • 0 = Null
  • 1 = Submit

BeamQualityReport:Global:Count1or2 – Total number of beamlines reporting questionable beam.

Beam Quality Reporting Access Security

The access security mode for beamline steering PVs (ID and BM) is based on the sectors insertion device access security mode.