Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

ASD Spot Awards

NAME Reason for Award DATE
Hanh Bui Hanh Bui discovered the fire on top of an experiment hutch. The fire was the result of an improperly insulated solinoid on a LN2 Line. Han called 911 while another employee extiunguished the fire with a nearby extinguisher. September 2014
Lester Erwin Employee noticed zip ties with sharp edges at the point of termination. These sharp edges can cause cuts and abrasions. The discovery of these conditions led to the diagnostics group purchasing the proper tools to terminate the zip ties. August 2014
Steve Christensen Steve went to verify ground LOTO and noticed that the locking device (a "T" bar through an aluminium frame) was no longer able to effectively stop someone from closing the breaker. Steve notified his supervisor and took action to prevent personnel from entering the area that the LOTO was being applied for. March 2014