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Future Beamline Review Sequence

Approximately six sectors are reviewed each calendar year. The year assignments given below are estimated on the basis of the previous review cycle. Beamline management will be consulted when review dates are scheduled.

Beamline Reviews:  April 8-9, 2019

SAC Meeting:  April 10-11, 2019

GM/CA @APS (Sector 23)

SBC-CAT (Sector 19)

ChemMatCARS (Sector 15)

Beamline Reviews:  November 4-5, 2019

SAC Meeting:  November 6-7, 2019

LS-CAT (Sector 21)

XSD: Microscopy (2-ID-B,D,E; 8-BM-B; 34-ID-C)

XSD: Imaging (2-BM-A,B; 32-ID-B,C)

April 2020

CNM Nanoprobe (Sector 26)

XSD: Magnetic Materials (4-ID-C,D; 6-ID-B,C,D; 29-ID)

XSD: Time-Resolved Research (7-BM-B; 7-ID-B,C,D; 8-ID-E; 8-ID-I; 14-ID-B)
November 2020

XSD Spectroscopy ((9-BM-B,C; 20-BM-B; 20-ID-­B,C)

XSD Structural Science (11-BM-B; 11-ID-B, C, D; 17-BM-B)

XSD Chemical & Material Sciences (9-ID, 12-BM-B; 12-ID-B; 12-ID­-C,D)

April 2021

XSD: Surface Science and Microdiffraction (33-BM-C; 33-ID-D,E)

XSD: Materials Physics and Engineering (1-BM-B,C; 1-ID-B,C,E; 6-BM)


November 2021

XSD: Inelastic X-ray and Nuclear Resonance Scattering  (3-ID-B,C,D; ,27-ID; 30-ID-B,C)


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