The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Resource Evaluation Group (REG)

The Photon Sciences (PSC) Resource Evaluation Group (REG) has overall responsibility for facility-wide evaluation and shepherding of complex projects while minimalizing bureaucracy and maximizing transparency and accountability.

The REG will use a disciplined and consistent process in executing challenging projects determined as such by the PSC senior management team (SMT), or projects that exceed REG established thresholds in effort and/or M&S. The REG serves as the APS operations project office arm of the SMT.
Member Backup Role
Julie Cross   Chair; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Kelly Jaje   Administrative Support
Ryan Brody   Administrative and Project Management  Support
Jonathan Lang   XSD Representative
Nick Sereno Michael Borland    ASD Representative
Geoff Pile John Connolly AES Representative; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Rob Connatser Herman Cease APS Upgrade Project Representative
Clay White   EFOG representative; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Bill Berg   Integration: Accelerator; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Chuck Kurtz   Integration: Beamlines; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Steve Shoaf   Integration: Software; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Ken Sidorowicz   Integration: IT
Michael Fisher   Subject Matter Expert Lead: Beamlines
John Grimmer   Subject Matter Expert Lead: Insertion devices, magnets, vacuum chambers; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Geoff Waldschmidt   Subject Matter Expert Lead: rf, modeling, theory, etc.; REG Point of Contact (POC)
Chris Churchill   Project Manager and/or PMO Representative

Specific roles and responsibilities of the REG:

  • Evaluate effort, materials, and contracted services estimates and overall schedule for complex projects.
  • Help to balance resources among projects, taking into account APS priorities.
  • Determine the necessary reviews and documentation required by each project and, using a graded approach, ensure that each project follows the appropriate process.
  • Monitor and assist (as needed) project progress, including project coordinator/control account manager (CAM) mentoring.
  • Collect project metrics and feedback from stakeholders and act to improve the process.
  • Facilitate project-related communication between divisions, groups, and the ALD office

The REG core team will meet regularly and will consist of the chair, administrative support, and representatives from each of the divisions and the APS Upgrade Project. In case a divisional or APS Upgrade Project representative is unavailable, an appointed backup person will attend the meeting.

The REG integration experts facilitate technical and resource (human) integration between organizations and technical areas.

An REG Points of Contact will be assigned to each project.  They will work with the project manager to facilitate the project success from proposal to completion.

Subject matter experts will be called on to review project plans, and help address technical issues as they arise.  The subject matter experts listed in the REG membership table serve as leads for their respective roles, and can call on other subject matter experts listed in section 5 of this document, as needed.

Detailed roles and responsibilities and the overall process will be provided in a separate document.

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