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Qualified Electrical Workers Flowchart

March 4, 2005---DRAFT

Electrical Worker

This is a person, designated by ANL that will be exposed to, or work on, voltages above 50V

Comprehensive 70E Training

This is a well-structured, 4 hour class that will provide the electrical worker quality information on shock hazards, arc flash/blast hazards and LOTO (at a minimum). The worker will leave this class with an awareness of the types of electrical hazards he may encounter and the proper actions required mitigating them.

Advanced 70E Training

This is a class intended to provide advanced training for engineers designing electrical equipment and supervisors supervising electrical workers. Topics to be covered include: good engineering practices, engineering 70E into designs, calculations, shock and flash prevention, energy control, etc.

Ready To Work

After the electrical worker has taken the 70E class, he is now aware of the types of hazards and he can now begin job specific training.

Job Specific Training

This training is developed by the group he is employed (with ANL training department assistance) and is specific to the type of work he will be assigned


After completing the job specific training the electrical worker is now ready to join the workforce and begin the supervised hands-on training.

On-The-Job Training

This could be called the electrical workers apprenticeship. This is where the worker performs hands-on tasks under the supervision of a qualified electrical worker.

Qualified Electrical Worker

This person now has the skills and knowledge related to the construction and operation of the electrical equipment and installations and has received safety training on the hazards involved.

This quote is straight out of NFPA 70E.