Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility


Below are some F.A.Q. about Safety at the APS

Replacing UPS failed batteries.

As long as the UPS battery pack is enclosed and it is below the "non-QEW" DC battery requirements (<100 volts & <1000watts) replacement can be performed as nonhazardous electrical work.

Working inside of desktop computers

Once the power cord is removed, the unit can be opened and work can be performed on the low voltage "non-QEW" side (<100 volts DC). (no "zero verification" is needed as long as we are not going into the power supply)

Truck-dock liquid nitrogen fill station

The Group Leader can authorized this work then workers can follow the posted procedure or incorporate it into local Liquid Nitrogen work aid.

2017-03 Run Compensatory Experimental Reviews

QEW walk-downs are being done with beamline walk-throughs this week and next prior to the 2017-03 run. QEWs will provide a list of issues and equipment needing inspection after they complete their walk-downs. Electrical hazards will need to be corrected immediately. Equipment needing electrical inspection should be scheduled for inspection, and may not be used until inspected and approved.

QEW walk-downs will not be required throughout the remainder of the 2017-03 run, unless there is a significant change in the beamline configuration that would present unreviewed electrical hazards. The addition of DEEI inspected and approved equipment is not considered a significant change.

Users running an experiment at one beamline but using a laboratory at another beamline will need to enter two ESAFs, one for the beamline where they are running the experiment and a separate ESAF for lab use in the other Sector. Sector Orientation will be required for all of the beamlines that work is being performed, including beamlines for lab use only users.

When users start sample preparation a day ahead of their beam time, the ESAF needs to be posted at the time sample prep starts. Users will need to enter the dates they will be using the laboratory under the Lab Use tab in ESAF, while the beam time start and end dates and times still get entered under the Description tab in ESAF. The Floor Coordinators will post the ESAF in both the laboratory and beamline locations.

Schedule and contact information: A floor coordinator is always available on-site during the following hours:

• Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.

• Weekends: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The MCR operators will not be posting ESAFs during the off-hours in the upcoming run. The beamline personnel and users will have to plan accordingly.

It is preferred that during normal working hours the beamlines find their local Floor Coordinator to post ESAFs. If the local Floor Coordinator is not available, users should contact the on-duty Floor Coordinator using the online Floor Coordinator Request here: A bookmark to this link is useful. Users may still page the on-duty FC using 2-0101, but the online request is preferred.

Proprietary experiment users may still send their experiment end date and time in the off-hours using the online Floor Coordinator Request. The MCR operators will pass on these dates and times to the next on-duty Floor Coordinator during the following morning’s shift exchange.