The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS Designated Electrical Equipment Inspectors

APS Designated Electrical Equipment Inspectors
Inspector Division Phone Email Focus Area
Steve Bogdan AES-EFOG 2-0800 Entire Ring
Bruno Fieramosca AES-EFOG 2-0201 Entire Ring
Clay White AES-EFOG 2-0300 Entire Ring
Steve Corcoran XSD 2-0671  
Alex Deriy XSD 2-7681  
Alex Lavens XSD 2-0642  
Evan Maxey XSD 2-1986  
Mike McDowell XSD 2-6422 mwm@anl.gvov  
Mike Pape XSD 2-0591  
Alexis Quental XSD 2-2509  
Rogelio Ranay XSD 2-6031  
Lynn Ribaud XSD 2-6833  
Eric Rod XSD 2-0412  
Rick Spence XSD 2-2797  
Tom Walsh XSD 2-5621  
Ray Ziegler XSD 2-5527  
Pasquale Di Donna PSC-USR 2-0428  
Jay Von Osinski PSC-USR 2-0620  
John Burke AES 2-6025  
Ray Davis AES 2-5072  
Phil McNamara AES 2-9836  
Wayne Michalek AES 2-6025  
Adam Brill ASD 2-9968  
Alex Cours ASD 2-4550  
Chuck Doose ASD 2-6037  
Bill Guszczo ASD 2-9695  

To contact the APS DEEIs please use

All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above.

Reviewed: April 9, 2021