The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS Upgrade Beamline Table


 New capabilities after APS Upgrade

 Future capabilities


The photon delivery system will be upgraded with a new horizontal cryogenic cooled Laue Double crystal monochromator.  

A planar 2.1cm period device will used to commission the beamline.

A sample manipulation system.

Addition of a SCU source.


The photon delivery system will be updated for full canted operation.

One of two monochromators.

The new Bionanoprobe instrument.

A second monochromator.

An upgraded Microprobe instrument.


A new Kirkpatrick-Baez (K-B) mirror system.


4-ID (POLAR Feature Beamline)

New photon delivery system with new optics.

New enclosures and modifications to existing enclosure.

Three new instruments – 2T magnets and diffractometer, and a 9-1-1T magnet.

New 2D detectors

A control room for this beamline.


Monochromator upgraded with rebuilt Kohzu monochromator. (COMPLETED)

Monochromatic mirror system with a rebuilt mirror system.



CRL lenses and transfocators for one branch.

CRL lenses for the high-energy branch.


Detector mover system for the end-station instrument.

Operation without the new primary white-beam mirror.

Primary white-beam mirror.

Final focusing K-B mirror system upgrade.

8-ID (XPCS Feature Beamline)

New photon delivery system with new optics.

New enclosures and modifications to existing enclosure.

Two new instruments: a WAXS and SAXS system.

Two new >1M-pixel fast and medium speed detectors.


9-ID (CSSI Feature Beamline)

New photon delivery system with new optics.

New enclosure and a new grand tube enclosure.

Two new instruments: a solid-sample station and a GIXS station.

New 16M in-vacuum detector.

The liquid scattering system.

The control room for this beamline.


Upgrade of the photon delivery system for canting of the beamline.

A new enclosure and extension of existing enclosure to accommodate optics and instruments.

A new double multi-layer monochromator.

A new SCU source in a canted geometry SCU source.  

Compound refractive lens.


Enclosure modified to accommodate a 12m-long SAXS instrument.

A new 1.6-m-diameter, 12-m-long SAXS instrument.

A new USAXS instrument.

A new CRL transfocator.



Three new pairs of K-B mirror systems to upgrade the existing systems. One will be upgraded with new mirror benders.

Upgrade to the monochromator cooling system.

Re-polish of the primary mirrors.


A new primary double mirror.

An additional set of lenses and mechanisms for the existing CRL system. (COMPLETED)

New mirrors to replace the harmonic rejection mirror.


19-ID (ISN Feature Beamline)

A new long beamline with a new end station 250m from the source, located in the new Long Beamline Building (LBB).

A new concrete enclosure in the LBB with high vibration stability floor.

A new in situ nanoprobe instrument.

New 2D detectors.


20-ID (HEXM Feature Beamline)

A new long-beamline photon delivery system for the end station in the LBB, located 180m from the source.

Two new white beamline enclosures, one in the LBB and one in the experiment hall.

A new HEXM instrument in the large end station.

New 2D detectors.

The wide-band-pass instrument in the 20-ID-D experimental station.

25-ID (ASL)

Photon delivery system for the canted beamline. (COMPLETED)

New enclosures built and commissioned. (COMPLETED)

The upgrade of the LERIX spectrometer.

The control room for this beamline.

26-ID (CNM)

New primary double-mirror system to replace the existing mirrors. (COMPLETED)

Upgrades to existing monochromator. (COMPLETED)

Upgrades to the nanoprobe instrument.



Upgrade of the RIXS spectrometer. (COMPLETED)


28-ID (CHEX Feature Beamline)

Canted beamline with new photon delivery and new optics.

New enclosures for three side branch end stations and two primary branch end stations.

New instruments for the primary and three side branches.

The SCU source for this canted beamline. 

Initial operation will be with two planar undulators. 

Full operation of the very-high-energy branch will be impacted until the SCU source is installed.


Convert exiting monochromator to accept LN2 Si crystals.

Upgrade of the high-energy resolution monochromator.


Canting of this imaging beamline and the photon delivery.

The relocation of the TXM instrument.

The new Nano CT and Stereo Imaging instruments.

33-ID (Ptychoprobe Feature Beamline)

A completely new photon delivery system with new optics.

Initial operation with a double-crystal monochromator.

Modifications to the existing enclosure to accommodate the new beamline.

A new ptychoprobe instrument.

New 2D in-vacuum detectors.

The double-multilayer monochromator, which will provide higher flux with larger bandwidth for some experiments.

34-ID (Atomic/3DMN Feature Beamlines)

A new photon delivery system with new optics.

Existing enclosure modified to accommodate two experimental instruments for 3DMN.

A new enclosure at the end of the beamline to accommodate a new ATOMIC instrument.

New 3DMN and ATOMIC instruments.

New large 2D detectors.

New second KB for ATOMIC.