The Advanced Photon Source
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Industrial Measurement Proposals

The industrial measurement mode provides a way for industry users to perform one-time, usually nonproprietary measurements, to investigate specific problems (e.g. production or performance issues). The intent is to make time available for proof-of-concept experiments that may lead to other avenues of interaction. Details on the industrial measurement program can be found in the APS Policy and Procedure for Industrial Measurement Beam Time.

Industrial users must fulfill the same legal and safety requirements as all other users. Although it may not be appropriate to publish the results, users are expected to document the impact of the work in a report to the APS. Details of reporting are given in the APS Policy and Procedure for the Evaluation of Unpublished Research.

Submit a questionnaire to start the process. 


Submission deadline:

Requests are accepted at any time.

Review and allocation:

Requests are reviewed and allocated by an APS beamline staff/management review requests panel. The review criteria are the following: (1) Can it be done here? (2) Can it be done safely? (3) Is there a reasonable chance that useful information can be obtained?


Proposals expire after one visit. Further work can be conducted under a General User proposal.



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