Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

IMMY/XOR Environment, Safety and Health Plan

<August 2006>

Revision 4D

George Srajer, IMMY/XOR Director


Table of Contents
Section 1 – IMMY/XOR Policies
1.0 Purpose
1.1 Scope
1.2 Documents Incorporated by Reference
1.3 General Policies
1.4 IMMY/XOR Specific Policies
Section 2 - IMMY/XOR Safety Organization & Responsibilities
Appendix A - Safety Assignments
Appendix B - List of Standard Procedures Used by IMMY/XOR
Attachment 1
Section 1 IMMY/XOR Safety Policies

1.0 Purpose

IMMY/XOR is committed to ensuring that all IMMY/XOR activities are conducted in a safe and environmentally sound manner.This plan describes the IMMY/XOR safety program.

1.1 Scope

This plan defines 1) the procedures required of the IMMY/XOR, and 2) the safety assignments within the IMMY/XOR.

1.2 Documents incorporated by reference

All IMMY/XOR activities at Argonne National Laboratory - East (ANL-E) will conform to the requirements of the documents listed below, except as provided for by variances or APS procedures.All of the following are available through the IMMY/XOR Safety Coordinator.

  1. ANL-E Environment, Safety and Health Manual
  2. APS User Policies and Procedures
  3. ANL-E Hoisting and Rigging Manual
  4. ANL-E Transportation Safety Manual
  5. ANL-E Waste Handling Procedures Manual

1.3 General Policies

  1. Failing to conform to this plan may result in sanctions and/ or loss of access to the APS and IMMY/XOR Facilities.
  2. IMMY/XOR will cooperate with the APS to facilitate the oversight responsibilities of the APS, ANL, and DOE.
  3. IMMY/XOR will comply with the current version of the APS Policy and Procedure for configuration of shielding systems. No safety system under configuration control is to be modified without IMMY/XOR and APS approval. (Refer to the APS User Policies and Procedures for the complete policy and procedure).
  4. Any person has the authority and responsibility to stop activities that are deemed to be unsafe or environmentally unsound. IMMY/XOR acknowledges that the APS has the authority to order a halt to any IMMY/XOR activity that the APS, or other entities with oversight responsibilities, deem unsafe or not in compliance with requirements.
  5. IMMY/XOR will carry out an experiment safety review and approval program conforming to requirements set forth in Technical Updates, User Policy and Procedures, and AOD Division Director Memoranda covering the subject. The IMMY/XOR will permit no APS-based experimental activity to proceed without the posting of an Experiment Hazard Control Plan (EHCP) and an Experiment Authorization Form (EA) generated from a properly approved APS Experiment Safety Approval Form (ESAF).
  6. IMMY/XOR will not energize any new or modified equipment or start any new activity without review and approval by the IMMY/XOR Electrical Safety Coordinator.
  7. The IMMY/XOR will not initiate new or change existing operations or equipment in a manner that might have significant adverse impact on the APS facilities, the environment or any person without the prior written approval of the APS Operations Division Director, or designee.
  8. The IMMY/XOR will maintain a list of current safety assignments (Appendix A) and will update this plan to keep it consistent with scope of IMMY/XOR activities.The assignment list will be reviewed at least annually and the plan biannually with updates provided to the XOR Director and the APS User Safety Officer.

1.4 IMMY/XOR Specific Policies

IMMY/XOR will not require that any worker undertake hazardous work assignments requiring individuals to work alone or out of audio and visual range of others for more than a few minutes.

Section 2 - IMMY/XOR Safety Organization & Responsibilities

The IMMY/XOR Director has line responsibility for safety for all IMMY/XOR activities at ANL and for ensuring that this plan is implemented.The Director is also responsible for evaluating and responding in a graded manner to nonconformances with this plan.

The IMMY/XOR Safety Coordinator reports to the IMMY/XOR Director and is responsible for implementing and overseeing conformance with this safety plan.The IMMY/XOR Safety Coordinator will ensure that IMMY/XOR personnel have access to the ANL-E ESH Manual and the other identified standards and will assist IMMY/XOR members and users in meeting the requirements of these standards.

The IMMY/XOR Electrical Safety Coordinator is appointed by the IMMY/XOR Director and is responsible for electrical safety and ensuring compliance with ANL electrical safety standards in all of the IMMY/XOR facilities.The Electrical Safety Coordinator shall develop and maintain an awareness of ANL ESH Manual defined electrical safety requirements, knowledge typically attained by completing ANL electrical safety and LOTO training.

The IMMY/XOR Chemical Safety Coordinator is appointed by the IMMY/XOR Director and is responsible for chemical safety, including chemical waste management, and ensuring compliance with ANL and OSHA chemical safety standards.The Chemical Safety Coordinator is also responsible for the IMMY/XOR proper use of the ANL Chemical Management System. The Chemical Safety Coordinator is to be aware of ANL ESH Manual defined chemical safety requirements.

The IMMY/XOR Transportation Safety Coordinator is appointed by the IMMY/XOR Director and is responsible for overseeing the safe transportation of materials to and from the IMMY/XOR and ensuring compliance with ANL transportation safety standards.The transportation safety coordinator is expected to develop and maintain an awareness of ANL transportation requirements and APS-specific shipping and receiving requirements.The Transportation Safety Coordinator will remain current in the APS transportation safety course ESH387Z.

The IMMY/XOR Hoisting and Rigging Coordinator is appointed by the IMMY/XOR Director and is responsible for implementing the provision of the APS User Policy and Procedure covering user hoisting and rigging activities.The person assigned this role is responsible for completing and training required under the APS User Policy and Procedure and exercising sound judgement when authorizing personnel to use IMMY/XOR owned hoisting and rigging equipment.

The IMMY/XOR LOM Shop Coordinator is appointed by the IMMY/XOR Director and is responsible for evaluating the skills and competence of IMMY/XOR personnel wishing to use machine tools in the LOM Machine Shop.This individual is also responsible for working with other LOM 432 Shop Coordinators to ensure that the shop is inspected and maintained in accordance with APS expectations.

The IMMY/XOR Sealed Source Custodian is appointed by the IMMY/XOR Director and is responsible for managing IMMY/XOR owned radioactive sources in a manner conforming to the requirements of ANL Environment, Safety and Health Manual Chapter 5.20.These responsibilities include staying current on required training, maintaining an awareness of the IMMY/XOR of the sealed source(s), and qualifying personnel wishing to the source(s).

Appendix A - Safety Assignments

Appendix A.1

IMMY/XOR Safety Assignments

Effective March 2005

Assignment Person Assigned Alternate
IMMY/XOR Director George Srajer  
IMMY/XOR Safety Coordinator Michael Sprung Harold E. Gibson
IMMY/XOR Electrical Safety Coordinator Harold E. Gibson Michael Sprung
IMMY/XOR Chemical Safety Coordinator Harold E. Gibson Michael Sprung
IMMY/XOR Shipping & Transportation Safety Coordinator Harold E. Gibson Michael Sprung
Hoisting and Rigging Coordinator Harold E. Gibson Michael Sprung
LOM Shop Coordinator Harold E. Gibson Michael Sprung
Sealed Source Coordinator Harold E. Gibson Michael Sprung
ESAF Approvers [See Section A.2 in this appendix.]

Appendix A.2

IMMY/XOR Personnel with Experiment Safety Approval Authority

As Director of IMMY/XOR, I authorize the following personnel to conduct hazard evaluations of experimental activities, to specify required control measures, and approve such activities where specified controls have been implemented.Upon updating this form, the IMMY/XOR will provide a copy of the revised list to the APS Safety Officer.

  1. Alec Sandy
  2. Suresh Narayanan
  3. Harold E. Gibson
  4. Michael Sprung
George Srajer, IMMY/XOR Director

[Signature] [Date]

Appendix B - Standard Operating Procedures Used by IMMY/XOR

IMMY/XOR has evaluated the hazards that will be encountered in its operations, and, to mitigate these hazards the IMMY/XOR will follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) listed below.

None listed.

Appendix B.1 - APS Standard Operating Procedures

Date: August 2006

IMMY/XOR has adopted the APS Sop for carcinogens (see Attachment 1)


Appendix B.2 - IMMY/XOR Procedures

IMMY/XOR will follow all APS SOP’s as written.

Attachment 1
IMMY/XOR: Beamline 8ID-E, 8ID-I

Standard Operating Procedure for the Safe Handling of Carcinogens

September 06

1.Designated Areas and Qualified Personnel

Preparation of the carcinogens will take place in the IMMY/XOR chemistry laboratory (room E30) by designated personnel.All work with carcinogen samples will be performed under the fume hood in the lab.

Designated personnel will be appointed by the IMMY/XOR Chemical Safety Coordinator for each ESAF

2.Description of Operations Involving the Sample

All preparation will be done under the fume hood to prevent any release of contaminants.Additional handling of the samples will only be done while wearing gloves, and they will be transported from the lab to the beamline in plastic bags.

3.Hazard Information Training

An MSDS sheet will be posted outside the lab in the designated area. Signage will also be posted on the front of the fume hood to give notification of the hazards. The designated people will have reviewed the MSDS sheet and understood the hazards and safety procedures outlined for carcinogens.

4.Engineering Exposure Controls

All work is to be completed in the fume hood to prevent contamination of the laboratory. All waste will be disposed of in accordance with point 6.The fume hood will be wiped clean upon completion of sample preparation.

5.Personal Protective Equipment

Minimum PPE required for the safe handling of carcinogens include gloves and safety glasses.All sample preparation will be done with adequate ventilation.


Latex gloves and other miscellaneous wastes will be temporarily stored in the fume hood in a plastic zip-loc bag bearing the appropriate labels and markings.Waste disposal procedures will be followed at the end of the experiment.