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Sector 8: GIXSGUI

  • GIXSGUI is Matlab-based software for visualization and reduction of Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering data, written by Zhang Jiang.
  • Reference: "GIXSGUI: a MATLAB toolbox for grazing-incidence X-ray scattering data visualization and reduction, and indexing of buried three-dimensional periodic nanostructured films," Z. Jiang, J. Appl. Cryst. (2015). 48, pp 917-926 [doi:10.1107/S1600576715004434 ]
  • Documentation
    • doc.pdf help documentation provides an overview of the software (included in both the full and lite zip files below)
    • linefit_manual.pdf manul for GIXSGUI's curve fitting capabilities (included in both the full and lite zip files below)
  • Installation
    • Download zipfile (full or lite version) and extract the GIXSGUI distribution.
    • Start Matlab.  On the Home tab, click "Set Path" > "Add with Subfolders..." and select the folder that contains the GIXSGUI distribution.   Click "Save" and "Close".
    • Enter "gixsgui" into the Matlab command line to start GIXSGUI.
    • Improper path is the most frequent casue of trouble with GIXSGUI.   Always check the path setting first when troubleshooting!
  • Version 1.7.3 posted 2019.08.23 on github.
  • Version history
    • Version 1.7.1 posted 2017.08.11: includes complete license information
    • Version 1.7.0 posted 2017.01.23: updated gixsdiffpos.
    • Version 1.7.0, posted 2016.10.30: first version to include linefit.m, curve-fitting package.
    • Version 1.6.4, posted 2016.05.08 (support for EDF data, angle calibration, scaling (vertical shift) in linecut overlay)
    • Version 1.6.2, posted 2015.03.13 (supports Matlab release R2014b)
    • Version 1.6.1, posted 2015.01.05 (updated Lorentz correction)
    • Version: 1.6, posted 2014.10.31
    • Version 1.5.2, posted 2014.07.02:
    • Previous version: GIXSGUI_2013015
    • Version 1.4.0, first version including diffraction tab for computing crystalline reflections
      • Consider this a beta-test: documentation does not yet describe the new features
      • To enable new features, add the subdirectory "analysis" to the path in Matlab
      • When the path is set properly, the Data Processing window will have a Diffraction tab that looks like this:


  • Version 1.3.5, last version without diffraction tab
  • Version 1.3.4 
  • Version released 2011.12.14
    • New flatfield data for all data collected at 8-ID-E since 2011.12.01
    • New added capability in defining masks
  • Version released 2011.11.30 


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