The Advanced Photon Source
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20-ID HEXM main page

Welcome to the homepage of the 20-ID High-Energy X-ray Microscope (HEXM) beamline.  This beamline is operated by the Materials Physics and Engineering Group as part of the X-ray Science Division, and is one of the two 'long' beamlines constructed as part of the APS-Upgrade.  Using energies between 35-120keV, it will enable imaging of the fine structures of materials with high resolution and under a host of controllable conditions. Studies here will reveal minute defects in materials as they form, helping to improve the durability of components ranging from aircraft engines to solar cells.   

All beamlines are shutdown for ~year 2023-24 for the APS Upgrade, check here for updates.

20-ID/ HEXM in the news
Brief description of beamline

HEXM at 20-ID-E is single-branch beamline with the following key components:

  • APS-U electron-beam source
  • 2x 1.65cm superconducting undulators 
  • A horizontal offset monochromator
  • An optional secondary monochromator for higher energy resolution
  • Various refractive-based in-line focusing optics 
  • A white beam 20-ID-D end-station nominally ~70m from the source.  This will house the high-throughput HEDM instrument, a dynamics program and optics for 20-ID-E.
  • A white beam 20-ID-E end-station nominally ~180m from the source.  This will house instrumentation to enable multi-modal experiments similar to 1-ID-E, but with a wider range of beamsizes and up to ~15m sample-detector distances - see poster below.