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APS Guideline for Personal Protective Equipment


CAT/XSD recognizes that improper selection or misuse of personal protective equipment (PPE) can have severe consequences. Consequently, the APS has adopted the following policies and procedures to ensure the proper selection and use of such equipment by CAT/XSD personnel working at the APS.

Roles & Responsibilities
  • The CAT/XSD Safety Coordinator or designee shall review and approve PPE as indicated below.
  • Supervisors and Principal Investigators shall plan each job well in advance, giving adequate consideration to selecting PPE that would provide for greater safety and efficiency. The CAT/XSD Safety Coordinator will then review the selection(s).
  • Supervisors, Principal Investigators, and Laboratory Safety Captains shall ensure that appropriate PPE is available when needed.
  • Supervisors, Principal Investigators, and Laboratory Safety Captains shall not assume that CAT/XSD personnel initially know how to select or safely use PPE. Instead, they shall provide for all necessary instruction and guidance.
  • Supervisors and Principal Investigators shall enforce the use of proper PPE.
  • Supervisors and Principal Investigators shall routinely observe CAT/XSD personnel's use of PPE to ensure that the equipment is being used correctly. They shall also periodically look for signs of abuse or misuse.
  • Supervisors, Principal Investigators, and Laboratory Safety Captains shall establish a means of periodically verifying that reusable PPE remains in good condition and that defective PPE is immediately removed from service.
  • Supervisors and Principal Investigators shall ensure that required storage facilities are available where needed and that members properly store PPE that is not in use.
  • Members shall be instructed to restrict their use of PPE to what has been approved for the member’s intended application.
  • As appropriate, members shall inspect PPE and refrain from using equipment that fails to pass the inspection.
PPE Approvals

Because the limitations of various types of PPE are not commonly understood, all personal protective equipment must be approved for its intended use by the CAT/XSD Safety Coordinator or designee. Moreover, the CAT/XSD Safety Coordinator’s review and approval is required for any purchase of personal protective equipment, unless the PPE is being purchased to replace depleted stock and the replacement is intended for a previously reviewed and approved use. In the event the CAT/XSD Safety Coordinator is unavailable, a knowledgeable supervisor may approve the use of PPE after consultation with the XSD ES&H Coordinator or ANL EQO Division.

Guidance on Common Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Eyewear

CAT/XSD personnel will wear appropriate protective eyewear that meets the requirements of the ANSI Standard Z87.1 whenever they are in areas, or performing activities, that pose a danger of eye injury.

Plano (noncorrective) safety glasses, face shields, and chemical splash goggles can be obtained from the APS stockroom. All CAT/XSD personnel should specify safety glasses that have side shields. Contact the CAT/XSD Safety Coordinator for guidance on obtaining prescription safety glasses.

Personnel who already have safety glasses should seek verification from the CAT/XSD Safety Coordinator or XSD ES&H Coordinator that their eyewear satisfies all requirements.

Safety Footwear

In posted areas and when activities present a moderate or greater risk of foot injury, CAT/XSD personnel should wear safety footwear that meets the requirements of ANSI Standard Z41.

Head Protection

CAT/XSD members working with high-voltage equipment, in construction areas, or in other areas where there is a danger of head injury from falling or propelled objects must wear hard hats (safety helmets) that satisfy the requirements of the ANSI Z89.1 or Z89.2 standards. Hard hats are available from the APS stockroom.

Hearing Protection

CAT/XSD members who wish to use hearing protection equipment should consult with the AES or XSD ES&H Coordinators. The equipment is available from the APS stockroom.

Hand Protection

CAT/XSC members and users working with chemicals or other conditions that could harm hands should consult the Safety Glove Selection Guide.


The primary reference for this set of guidelines is Chapter 12.1 of the ANL ESH Manual.

Reviewed: September 15, 2016