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10/24/2006: LABELS

Labels & Red Dots can be obtained by contacting Jim Lang.
REMEMBER Only DEEIs can order or affix an “Electrical Safety Approved” barcode sticker.


After verifying the NRTL marking, anyone can place a “NRTL Approved Electrical Equipment” label onto the equipment.It does not need to be done by a DEEI.However, use of this label is optional and these labels should not be used on computers, office equipment, etc. where the NRTL marking is likely to be present.These labels are more meant for scientific equipment in racks and other locations where the listing is more likely to be questioned and where checking the rear of the unit is harder to do due to tight conditions, difficult access, etc.

Joe Kilar

When performing your Inventories if there is any question of NRTL approval, inventory the item.

Do not put yourself at risk of injury or electrical shock by searching for inaccessible or hidden labels. Once the item is on the inventory it will be examined for NRTL approval at the appropriate time.

Jim Lang

10/26/2006: CSA MARKINGS

It has been brought to my attention that there is a discrepancy with the various types of CSA marks found on equipment.There are certain CSA marks that are only accepted in Canada, and there are marks that are accepted only in the US, and marks accepted in the US and Canada.See the following website for specific details and examples of the different marks.

Any electrical equipment that has the CSA mark without any additional letter markings is for Canadian standards only and need to be included on your equipment inventory and must be inspected.

Any electrical equipment that has the CSA mark with a “US” or “NRTL” mark is acceptable in the US and does not need to be inspected.

Please forward this information to anyone in your division that is assisting in performing an equipment inventory.

Greg Krumdick