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Run 2018-2: Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors

Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors
PEN Title PI Institution Start Date Req. Made Requestor Date Time Inspector Comment OK



Nanometer meets nanosecond: Solar cell characterization with high resolution in space and time Michael Stueckelberger Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) 6/29/2018 Y Michael Stueckelberger 6/26/2018 @ 1000  

1. Lock-in amplifier UHFLI from Zurich Instruments

2. Optical chopper from Thorlabs (all equipment had been checked at APS during previous beamtimes)

Location: 26-ID-C




Operando Spectroscopy Studies on Ultra-Low Metal Containing Heterogeneous Catalysis: Hydrodechlorination of Chlorinated Compounds and Simulated Cathode Environment of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Umit Ozkan The Ohio State University 6/14/2018 Y Seval Gunduz 6/14/2018 @ 0800  

Bio-Logic potentiostat, three liquid pumps, and conductivity meter

Location: 10-BM-B




Three-dimensional visualization of precipitated granular materials under the loading condition Giuseppe Buscarnera Northwestern University 6/9/2018 Y Dawa Seo 6/9/2018 @ 1000  

Mini Test Apparatus

Location: 13-BM-D




The role of electron-electron correlations in vanadium containing Heusler compounds Jason Kawasaki University of Wisconsin-Madison 6/8/2018 Y Jason Kawasaki 6/8/2018 @ 1300  

ion pump

Location: 29ID




Binding of organic molecules onto metal nanoparticles in aqueous phase during electrochemical hydrogenation John Fulton Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 6/5/2018 Y John Fulton 6/4/2018 @ 0800 Mike Pape

temperature controller, pressure transducer

Location: Sector 20 chem laboratory




IN-SITU High-energy X-ray diffraction and tomography study of stress corrosion cracks in stainless steels welds for canisters used for dry storage of spent nuclear fuel Djamel Kaoumi North Carolina State University 6/7/2018 Y Ryan Schoell 6/4/2018 @ 1300  

Thermocouple Welder, High Voltage Power Supply, Electrical Heater, Stepper Motor, Laptop

Location: 01-ID




High-Energy X-Ray Focusing 2018-2 Sarvjit Shastri Argonne National Laboratory 6/2/2018 Y K. Evans Lutterodt 6/1/2018 @ 1100  

"- 2 SmarAct Smarpods and controller (Germany)
- Newport ESP 300 motion controller

Location: 1-ID-C




In-situ characterization of laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing processes Lianyi Chen Missouri University of Science and Technology 6/1/2018 Y Alex Dering 6/2/2018 @ 1300  

BK Precision 10005

Location: 32-ID-B


11-Sector 11 work bench- 2018-


Make modifications to in situ XRD battery fixture Jeremy Kropf Argonne National Laboratory 5/22/2018 Y Jeremy Kropf 5/23/2018 @ 1500 Rick Spence

After upgrade, fixture will require re-inspection

Location: Sector 11


16-HPCAT BM-B-2018-


High Pressure/Temperature Ultrasonic Studies of metals Nenad Velisavljevic Los Alamos National Laboratory 5/22/2018 Y Blake Sturtevant 5/29/2018 @ 1400 Eric Rod

high frequency preamplifier +/- 15VDC power supply (to power amplifier)

Location: HPCAT Sample prep room


35-DCS hutch B-2018-May-002


Set-up of long pulse laser (laser related items) Michael Armstrong Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 5/16/2018 LATE Michael Armstrong 5/14/2018 @ 0800 Dean Wyncott

Power supplies for the laser

Location: 35-ID-B


35-Sector 35-2018-


Set-up of Long-Pulse Laser Andrew Robinson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 5/10/2018 Y Andrew Robinson 5/11/2018 @ 1200 Dean Wyncott

We may need to cut certain cables on stepper motor actuators (<50 V), and re-solder/re-crimp them together in order to make use of the electrical feed-throughs for the vacuum chamber.

Location: Sector 35


All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above.

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Updated: May 25, 2018