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Run 2019-2: Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors

Upcoming ESAFs that will need Electrical Equipment Inspectors
PEN Requestor Date Time Inspector Comment OK
 29-ID-2019-(Exp 208766) Patrick Strohbeen 6/13/2019 @ 0800 M. McDowell Vacuum Suitcase.   Decided to not use equipment and will load directly . No inspection requireed Y
05-BMC-2019-(Exp 209502) Elise Goldfine 6/14/19 @1000hrs B. Fieramosca Anton Parr XRK 900 Stage  
09-BMBC-2019-GUP-59206 (Exp 208878) Scott Jensen 6/14/19 @ 1400hrs M. Pape CHI 627 C potentiostat Y
02-BMB-2019-(Exp 208795) Zhifei Deng 6/18/2019 @0800 A. Deriy In-situ four point bending holder  
02-IDD-2019-(Exp 209566) Tara Neitzold 6/24/19 @ 1100hrs B. Fieramosca

lock-in amplifier, keithley power supply,
optical chopper motor,
2 laptops, keithley multi-meter

1-BMC-2019 (Exp 209635) Nino Miceli 6/24/19 @1000hrs   GwInstek - CPD-33036 linear DC power supply  
18-IDD-2019-(Exp 209552) Rich Heurich 6/26/19 @1000hrs M. Papgeq Muscle Strain Rig  
2-BMB-IDD-2019-GUP56177  (Exp 205473) Joe Throckmorton 6/27/19 @ 0800hrs A. Quental Linkam Stage  
12-IDCD-2019-GUP4124(Exp 208862) Will Postiglione 6/24/19 @ 1000hrs A. Quental Keithley Voltage Source Y
18-IDD-2019-(Exp 208979) Travis Carver 6/27/19 @1000 M. Papge Aurora Muscle Lever Controller  
20-BMB-2019-(Exp 209634) Amani Ebrahim 6/29/19 @0800 M. Pape    
08-IDE-2019-(Exp 209869) Bryan Paulsen 7/1/19 @9am R. Ziegler Metrohm Auto Lab PGSTAT potentiostat  
12-IDB-2019-GUP55385(Exp 210445) Yaguang Zhu 7/5/2019 @ 0800 A. Quental Stirrer, stir plate Y
16-IDD-2019-2.7(Exp 208600 E. Rod 6/21/19 @11hrs E. Rod Motor Drivers Y

All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above.

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Updated: December 18, 2018