The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Request for an Electrical Equipment Inspection

All APS User electronic and electrical equipment must be inspected before use in an experiment. Please ask your beamline to make arrangements with one of the inspectors listed above. The inspections will be conducted in accordance with the APS User Policy on Electrical Equipment Inspections.

To request an electrical equipment inspection for an ESAF complete the 'Electrical Inspection' tab in the ESAF and click the 'Request Inspection' button..

To request an electrical inspection not related to an ESAF please send an e-mail to the APS Designated Electrical Equipment Inspectors (DEEIs) with the following information:

  • Contact Name, phone number, and e-mail
  • Desired date, time, and location of the inspection
  • Equipment list and description
  • List any manuals/documentation/schematics that exist and are present to aid with the inspection.
  • A DEEI will contact you to confirm the inspection.

Please contact the APS User Safety Program if you have any questions or can not access the internal links

February 22, 2024