Advanced Photon Source

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Experiment Hazard Class 8.2 – Sealed Sources


This hazard classification applies to all experiments involving the use of DOE exempt and non-exempt radioactive sealed sources.

Experiment Category

Experiments in this Experiment Hazard Class are always categorized as low risk experiments.

Experiment Hazard Control Verification Statements

Engineered Controls – None.

Procedural Controls – Sealed sources must be secured when no experimenter is present.

Design Reviews and Equipment Inspections – Sealed sources must be checked out from the Beamline Sealed Source Custodian and logged into the RMS System. Sources will be exempt or non-exempt as determined by RSO-HP personnel.


  • GERT (ESH 738) for exempt sealed sources
  • ANL Radiation Worker I or II (ESH 700 or ESH 702) for non-exempt sealed sources dependign on the associated exposure rate.

Signs and Labeling – All signs and postings required for the experiment station will be supplied by RSO Health Physics.

Personal Protective Equipment

Dosimetry and Monitoring – All users involved in the experiment will be required to wear a dosimeter during the experiment.

Experiment Authorization

Unless otherwise noted in the approved experiment safety plan, the PSC Deputy Associate Laboratory Director of Operations delegates the authority to authorize an experiment in this hazard class to the Beamline Sealed Source Custodian.

Hazard Control Verification

The PSC Deputy Associate Laboratory Director of Operations  delegates responsibility for verifying that required controls are in place to personnel delegated the authority to perform this task to the Beamline Sealed Source Custodian.


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Reviewed: March 13, 2017