Advanced Photon Source

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Experiment Hazard Class 15.3 – Glovebox


This hazard classification applies to all experiments involving the use of a Beamline owned glovebox for the preparation of samples to be used at APS Beamlines. Other hazard classifications and their associated hazard controls may also apply to experiments in this hazard class.

Experiment Category

Experiments involving this hazard class categorized as low risk experiments unless other hazard classes apply.

Experiment Hazard Control Verification Statements

Engineered Controls – Controls provided by the glovebox manufacturer (or added by the Beamline) for the operation of the system..

Procedural Controls – All work with Beamline gloveboxes must be performed in compliance with the approved safety procedure developed by the Beamline.

Design Reviews and Equipment Inspections – Equipment inspections may be required by the manufacturer for the operation of the glovebox or under other applicable hazard classes.

Training – All persons using the glovebox must be trained, approved, and authorized by the Beamline owning the glovebox per the approved Standard Operating Procedure.The training is recorded in TMS as an APS6XX course where XX is the Sector number.

Signs and Labeling – As required by the Beamline or manufacturer.

Personal Protective Equipment – Nitrile gloves for handling samples and additional PPE that may be required for the use of the glovebox..

Dosimetry and Monitoring – None required.

Experiment Authorization

Unless otherwise noted in the approved experiment safety plan, the PSC Deputy Associate Laboratory Director of Operations delegates the authority to authorize an experiment in this hazard class to a member of the APS Experiment Review Board and any of the persons in the beamline personnel that appear in the list of Beamline Manager personnel authorized to approve experiments.

Hazard Control Verification

The PSC Deputy Associate Laboratory Director of Operations delegates responsibility for verifying that required controls are in place to personnel delegated the authority to perform this task to the experiment On-site Spokesperson, and Beamline Management personnel having experiment safety responsibilities.

Reviewed: 2/27/2017