The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility


Policy for Radiological Surveys on Tools, Materials & Equipment to be Released from Controlled Areas to Uncontrolled Areas at APS

Tools, Materials or Equipment brought into Controlled Areas for performing repair work on accelerator structures and beamlines in the accelerator enclosures or beamlines in the experimental hutches that have not been labeled as contaminated or activated need not be surveyed by the Health Physics Personnel when removed into Uncontrolled Areas.However, Health Physics personnel shall conduct such surveys upon request and record the results of the surveys.

If Tools, Materials, or Equipment brought in Controlled Areas come into contact with accelerator components and associated structures or experimental beamlines or associated structures that have been labeled by Health Physics as requiring a survey, then such tools, materials, or equipment shall be surveyed by Health Physics Personnel before they are released to Uncontrolled Areas.

Tools, Materials, or Equipment left in the accelerator tunnels during a run and accelerator components shall be surveyed by Health Physics Personnel, appropriately tagged or labeled, and the survey results recorded.Tools, Materials, or Equipment in the Experimental Hutches, and Experimental Beamline Components that are to be removed from the Beamlines, will only be surveyed if determined and posted by Health Physics such that surveys are required.Results of such surveys are recorded.However, Health Physics Personnel shall perform surveys upon request and record the results of the surveys.

Radioactive materials brought to the facility shall be surveyed by Health Physics before they are brought in, and also when they are scheduled to be released from the facility.

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