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synApps - Where to Find It


Where to Find It
synApps Version Release date EPICS Release Filename Documentation Release Notes Known Problems
R6_1 8/16/19 3.15.6 synApps_6_1.tar.gz synApps_6_1 synAppsReleaseNotes.html None
R6_0 7/17/18 3.15.6 synApps_6_0.tar.gz synApps_6_0 synAppsReleaseNotes.html None


3/27/15 or 3.15 synApps_5_8.tar.gz synApps_5_8.html synAppsReleaseNotes.html bugs
R5_7 8/26/13 synApps_5_7.tar.gz (645591040) synApps_5_7.html synAppsReleaseNotes.html bugs areaDetector-1-9-1.patch
R5_6 12/05/11 synApps_5_6.tar.gz (156159012)
synApps_5_6.tar (551666176)
synApps_5_6.html synAppsReleaseNotes.html None
R5_5 4/21/10 3.14.11 synApps_5_5.tar.gz synApps_5_5.html synAppsReleaseNotes.html None
R5_4_1 3/24/09 3.14.10 synApps_5_4_1.tar.gz synApps_5_4.html synAppsReleaseNotes.html None
R5_4 3/06/09 3.14.10 synApps_5_4.tar.gz synApps_5_4.html synAppsReleaseNotes.html bugs
R5_3 09/10/08 synApps_5_3.tar.gz synApps_5_3.readme synAppsReleaseNotes.html None
R5_2 01/05/07 3.14.8 synApps_5_2.tar.gz synApps_5_2.readme synAppsReleaseNotes.html None
R5_1_1 9/22/05 3.14.7 synApps_5_1_1.tar.gz synApps_5_1_1.readme synApps_5_1_1.release None
R5_1 4/7/05 3.14.7 synApps_5_1.tar.gz synApps_5_1.readme Not available bugs
R5_0 3/10/04 3.14.5 synApps_5_0.tar.gz synApps_5_0.readme Not available None
R4_6 2/5/04 3.13.9 synApps_4_6.tar.gz synApps_4_6.readme Not available bugs
R4_6_alpha 7/24/03 3.14.2 synApps_T202_R3_14_1_R4_6alpha.tar.gz Not available Not available Not available
R4_4 3/26/02 3.13.5 synApps_R3.13.5_R4.4.tar.gz Not available Not available Not available


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