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Included Modules
Module Description Contact
alive The alive record, formerly part of the sscan module. Dohn Arms
areaDetector EPICS software for area detectors Mark Rivers
autosave Support for saving PV values through an ioc reboot Tim Mooney
busy The busy record, formerly part of the sscan module. Tim Mooney
calc Device for run-time expression evaluation, and other calculations Tim Mooney
camac camac driver, device support, DXP software Mark Rivers
caputRecorder Support for recording caputs as python functions Tim Mooney
ccd CCD control (replaced by areaDetector in synApps 5.4 and higher) Mark Rivers
dac128V Industry Pack digital to analog converter Mark Rivers
delaygen Delay Generators Dohn Arms
dxp DXP digital-signal processing spectroscopy systems Mark Rivers
ebrick EPICS Brick (ebrick) end of life
ip Device support and databases for some serial IndustryPack devices Kurt Goetze
ip330 Industry Pack analog to digital converter Mark Rivers
ipUnidig Industry Pack digital I/O Mark Rivers
love Love serial digital controllers  
mca Multi-channel analyzer support Mark Rivers
measComp Support for USB I/O modules from Measurement Computing Mark Rivers
modbus Modbus-protocol support Mark Rivers
motor Motor support Ron Sluiter
optics Support for x-ray optics Tim Mooney
pilatus EPICS interface to the Pilatus pixel-array detector (replaced by areaDetector in synApps 5.4 and higher) Mark Rivers
quadEM APS Quad electrometer support Mark Rivers
sscan Support for moving positioners, triggering detectors, acquiring and storing data Tim Mooney
softGlue Support for user wiring of digital circuit elements in an FPGA Tim Mooney
std Miscellaneous support Tim Mooney
vac Support for vacuum controllers Tim Mooney
vme Device support and databases for some VME devices Tim Mooney
xxx Sample user application, which builds, loads, and runs software from all the other modules listed here. Tim Mooney
The following modules are usually included in a synApps tar file, but they are not part of synApps.
allenBradley Allen Bradley PLC communication Marty Kraimer
asyn General-purpose device interface facility Mark Rivers, Eric Norum
genSub Discontinued - Multi-I/O subroutine, handles arrays Andy Foster
ipac Interface for Industry Pack carrier boards Andrew Johnson
seq SNL compiler & sequencer Benjamin Franksen
stream StreamDevice Dirk Zimoch
vxStats To be discontinued after synApps 5.6 - IOC resource monitor for vxWorks Carl Lionberger
devIocStats IOC resource monitor for all operating systems Stephanie Allison


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