The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility



This list is simply an annotated record of what we've used and/or plan to support, who we bought it from, and a rough estimate of what it cost. It is not intended to convey any value judgements on products or vendors included or excluded.

Since some of these products have not been used by us for their originally intended purpose, and since software support may have cost much more than the supported hardware, it would not necessarily be unreasonable for us to use and support a product that no one would now claim is best by any objective criteria.

I don't know, in general, how vendors were selected for the products in this list. In some cases, competitive bidding has taken place; in others, completely unrelated purchase requests have been combined to get a volume discount from a single vendor. The selection process is intended to minimize *total* cost for us, not to identify the vendor that would give you the best price for a specific item listed here.

Prices in this list are culled from many different sources and are intended only for use in ballpark cost estimation. They should not be used for comparative purposes: In some cases, list prices have been used; in others, large-quantity discounts have been included; still other prices are estimates--in some cases, for products currently under development.