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BCDA Custom Hardware (Motion Control)

Motion Control BCDA Hardware*

Contact: Kurt Goetze
Project No.  Description  Documentation  Images  Designer 
BC-003 Paddle board for use with BC-005 Versions image Kurt Goetze
BC-005 OMS VME58 to StepPak transition board User's Manual (pdf) front/side Kurt Goetze
BC-006 Mycom microswitch interface (DIN-rail) Description (pdf) image Kurt Goetze
BC-007 Optical isolation board for use with BC-005 Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-008 Optical limit switch display/inverter - front, inside Peter Fuesz
BC-009 Step-Dir / Step-Step converter -   Kurt Goetze
BC-011 NEAT stage interface -   Peter Fuesz
BC-013 Xycom 240 -> QI 2000 adapter Pinout top Peter Fuesz
BC-017 Servo amplifier for use with BC-005 Description top, bottom, front Kurt Goetze
BC-019 Picomotor connections -   Kurt Goetze
BC-027 Xycom 240 - Mad City Labs Nano-Drive Pinout top Kurt Goetze
BC-029 VME58-8 front header adapter for BC-005 - image Peter Fuesz
BC-030 VME Digital Waveform Generator Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-031 VME58-8S front header adapter for BC-005 - image Peter Fuesz
BC-032 VME58 front panel connector breakout - - Peter Fuesz
BC-033 M.A.D.-Stepper stand-alone stepper/driver Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-034 BC-005 Step Select (thumbwheel switch) Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-035 Generic motor driver interface Description - Peter Fuesz
BC-036 BIO-CAT Servo Motor Tester Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-037 OMS58 -> driver transition board, cheap -n- EZ Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-039 Stepper indexer (in progress)     Kurt Goetze
BC-041 OMS VME58 Limit switch filter Description image Kurt or Peter
BC-047 Fast shutter driver interface (in development) Description   Kurt Goetze
BC-049 sec.26 White/Pink beam slits OMS wiring for prototype Ebrick     Kurt Goetze
BC-051 Kohzu driver box for XOR mirror lab     Kurt Goetze
BC-052 OMS PC78 Transition board, used in sec.26 Ebricks Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-055 HERIX E-Stop System (sec.30)     Kurt Goetze
BC-061 Sector 11 Robot Strain Gauge Alarm System     Kurt Goetze
BC-064 Sector 7 Motor Transition Board     Peter Fuesz
BC-093 OMS Pro-Dex MAXv VME P2 paddle board Description image Kurt Goetze
Contact: Kurt Goetze
* much of this hardware was developed with the help/ideas/inspiration from many people outside the BCDA group, including CAT members and ASD/Controls folks. Thanks!