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BCDA Custom Hardware (Misc. Support)

Misc. BCDA Hardware*

Contact: Kurt Goetze
Project No.  Description  Documentation  Images  Designer 
BC-010 Acromag 9440 interface - top, front Peter Fuesz
BC-012 TTL to RS232 converter -   Kurt Goetze
BC-014 Mirror Lab alarm/status system -   Kurt Goetze
BC-015 Turbo gate valve controller - image Kurt Goetze
BC-016 PSS remote shutter interface Description top, front Kurt Goetze
BC-018 Sector 1 nitrogen distribution controller Diagram (jpg) top, front, back Peter Fuesz
BC-024 B.O.N.E. box, for electronics prototyping Description top Peter Fuesz
BC-030 VME Digital Waveform Generator Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-040 NIM-R.O.D. (Realtime Output Divider) Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-045 Radiation Monitor multiplexer Description   Kurt Goetze
BC-046 NIM Voltage Reference for APD Amplifiers Description image Kurt Goetze
BC-048 30idb LN2 Filler Control     Kurt Goetze
BC-050 Simple TTL 2-input Multiplexer     Kurt Goetze
BC-056 TTL to Differential Module     Kurt Goetze
BC-061 Sector 11 Robot Strain Gauge Alarm System     Kurt Goetze
BC-071 VME/uCDimm Generic Digital IO Description image David Kline
Contact: Kurt Goetze
* much of this hardware was developed with the help/ideas/inspiration from many people outside the BCDA group, including CAT members and ASD/Controls folks. Thanks!