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APS UEC Arthur H. Compton Award - Past Winners

APS Users' Executive Committee Arthur H. Compton Awards
Award Date   Awardee(s)   Recognized for:   
May 2019
  • Tai-Chang Chiang
His ingenuity and insight in developing x-ray thermal diffuse scattering into an efficient quantitative method for phonon band structure studies. Tai-Chang Chiang
May 2015
  • Gene E. Ice
  • Bennett C. (Ben) Larson
  • Cullie J. Sparks (posthumously)

Seminal developments that have advanced capabilities for spatially and temporally resolved synchrotron x-ray research.

May 2013
  • David E. Moncton
  • John N. Galayda
  • Michael Borland
  • Louis Emery
Implementing the first "top-up" operation in a synchrotron light source


May 2011
  • Edward Stern
  • Farrel Lytle
  • Dale Sayers (posthumously)
  • John Rehr
Development of the technique of x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (XAFS)




May 2009
  • Gerhard Grübel
  • Simon Mochrie
  • Mark Sutton
Pioneering efforts in x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS), which exploits the coherent properties of synchrotron x-rays to study the slow dynamics of condensed matter at short length scales


May 2007
  • Andrzej Joachimiak
  • Gerold Rosenbaum
Pioneering advances and leadership in establishing the APS as a premier location worldwide for protein crystallography research  
May 2005
  • Günter Schmahl
  • Janos Kirz
Pioneering and developing the field of x-ray microscopy using Fresnel zone plates  
April 2003
  • Martin Blume
  • L. Doon Gibbs
  • Denis McWhan
  • Kazumichi Namikawa
Pioneering theoretical and experimental work in resonant magnetic x-ray scattering, which has led to important applications in condensed matter physics  
October 2001*
  • Wayne A. Hendrickson
Development and use of multiwavelength anomalous diffraction (MAD) methods


May 2000
  • Sunil K. Sinha
Development of the general theory of off-specular surface scattering


October 1998*
  • Donald H. Bilderback
  • Andreas K. Freund
  • Gordon S. Knapp
  • Dennis M. Mills
Development of cryogenically cooled x-ray optics for handling undulator x-ray beams.  
April 1997*
  • Philip M. Platzman
  • Peter M. Eisenberger
Theoretical and experimental contributions to the fields of x-ray scattering  
October 1995*
  • Nikolai Vinokurov
  • Klaus Halbach
Development of hybrid undulator x-ray sources  

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