The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APSUO Bylaws


This organization will be called the Advanced Photon Source Users Organization (APSUO).

  1. Membership

    All badged APS users are APSUO members.

  2. Meetings

    Annual User Meetings will be held at the APS site. The APSUO Steering Committee shall be responsible for the programs of the User Meetings. APSUO members shall receive appropriate advance notice of the Meetings.

  3. Steering Committee

    A Steering Committee will conduct the business of the APSUO. Four members will be elected by the APSUO through an electronic voting procedure at the time of the User Meeting. The open election period shall precede the User Meeting by no less than two weeks, and will close at the User Meeting. All APSUO members and prospective users who attend the User Meeting are eligible to vote. The elected members' terms expire at the third following User Meeting so that, in general, the Steering Committee will have 12 regular members.

    The Steering Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of qualified candidates and providing advance notice of the election to the APSUO membership. Any APSUO member may suggest candidates to the Steering Committee. In addition, nominations shall be accepted by petition of 0.5% or more of the APSUO members in support of a candidate.

    To promote representation of smaller interest groups, a weighted system of voting shall be used. Each ballot may select up to four candidates, with the first choice assigned four points, the second choice assigned three points, and so on. Tie votes shall be decided by a coin toss.

  4. Officers

    The officers of the APSUO will be a Chair and a Vice-Chair. At the first meeting held after the dates of the User Meeting, the Steering Committee shall elect from its voting members a Vice Chair, who will be responsible for organizing the scientific program for the next User Meeting. At that User Meeting, the Vice-Chair will succeed the Chair. The former Chair will remain as a nonvoting ex-officio member of the Steering Committee until the following User Meeting.

    Officers' terms on the Steering Committee shall be extended as needed to perform the above services.

  5. Steering Committee Meetings

    The Steering Committee shall meet at the time of the User Meeting and at such other times as called for by the Chair or by a majority of the Steering Committee membership. A Quorum consists of a majority of the Steering Committee membership. Argonne National Laboratory will be responsible for providing administrative and financial support.


The APSUO shall be advisory to the Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for the Advanced Photon Source.

  • The Organization will serve as an advocacy group for the Facility and its user community.
  • The Organization will provide advice to the ALD on matters affecting the user community.
  • The Organization will assure good communication between the APS user community and the APS management.

Proposed changes to the bylaws shall be presented by the Steering Committee to the APSUO membership, who will cast votes through electronic means. An open voting period of no less than two weeks is required. These bylaws shall be amended by a favorable vote of two-thirds of ballots cast.

  • Revision 4
  • Adopted May 1, 2003
  • Paul Zschack, Chair, APSUO



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