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Data Management and Retrieval Practices

The Advanced Photon Source (APS) is committed to providing our users with their data in a timely and convenient fashion. Users of the APS, however, are responsible for meeting their data management obligations to their home institutions and funding agencies. The APS does not provide any long-term data archiving or management service. Once data have been provided to each APS experimental group, the user is responsible for managing the long-term retention of his/her data and should not rely on the APS for this service.

APS users come from many scientific communities and use a range of experimental techniques and detection systems to obtain their data. Thus, the data produced at the APS encompasses a wide variety of file formats and volumes. Further, each community or technique has different requirements for data retention and distribution.

Because of this diverse range of requirements, the data management practices at individual beamlines/sectors at the APS vary significantly, with some beamlines providing specific resources that could help users meet some of their data management needs and obligations. Users should consult a local beamline representative for a more complete description of how and how long their data will be made accessible.


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