The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Beamline Broadcasts

Beamline Broadcasts are an internal communication tool to share user program related information such as new user tools, enhancements, or changes to existing user platforms; notifications of procedural changes and their impact; announcements; etc. Distribution includes resident users, CAT directors, XSD beamline managers, APS management, and associated administrative staff. 


2021 Beamline Broadcasts

February 19, 2021, Issue 2021-2

  • End of 2021-1 Run and Schedule GU Proposals

January 25, 2021, Issue 2021-1

  • Designating User Types on ESAFs


2020 Beamline Broadcasts

December 2020, Issue 2020-4

  • Important Notice on Adobe Flash and the APS Beamline Scheduling System

October 27, 2020, Issue 2020-3

  • Allocating Remaining 2020-3 Beamtime

July 31, 2020, Issue 2020-2

  • Allocating General User Time for Cycle 2020-3

July 29, 2020, Issue 2020-1

  • Beamline Directory and End-of-Year Reporting



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