The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS-UES Meeting Minutes - 07/25/2016

Attendees: Bruce Glagola, Nena Moonier, Wendy VanWingeren, Shane Flood, and Patti Pedergnana

Guest: Greg Markovich

Greg Markovich

  • There is some PSS work that does not require a CCWP.  Greg mentioned PSS Validations, replacing PLC batteries, and adjusting the magnetic lock on the station doors, as examples.  He is creating a document listing all PSS work not requiring a CCWP.
  • Greg will attend another UES group meeting as we get closer to the August-September Shutdown.

Bruce Glagola

  • Bruce is waiting to hear more information from Rick Janik on the site wide natural gas shutdown.
  • Mechanical Monday is today, Patti will attend 433, Shane 438, and Wendy 431.

Patti Pedergnana

  • Greg Banks is at 12-BM-A running a cable for the new BLEPS going in the beamline during shutdown.

Shane Flood      

  • Shane is handling the phone conversion of the 0829 on-call phone.  He is working with CIS on issues with the new phone.