Advanced Photon Source

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Welcome to 2-ID-E: Hard X-ray Microprobe Facility

The 2-ID-D/E microprobe facility operates three hard x-ray microprobes for x-ray fluorescence mapping, fluorescence spectroscopy, and microdiffraction.    Station 2-ID-D houses an x-ray fluorescence and a microdiffraction microprobe that operate independently. Station 2-ID-E houses an x-ray fluorescence microprobe in a side-branch geometry that operates in parallel to either of the 2-ID-D instruments.

Beamline Specs
Source 3.3 Undulator (Undulator A)
Energy Range 7-10.5 keV
Beam Size .5µm x .3µm
Energy Resolution (ΔE/E) 1 x 109 @12 keV