The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

HET (Booster to Storage Ring)


2.6.1 Magnets
Main Transport
Line to Ring
Branch Line to
Beam Dump
Number 4 1
Magnetic Length 1.95 1.95 m
Bending Angle 0.07744 0.07744 rad
Field at 7 GeV 0.93 0.93 T
Gap 34 34 mm
Number 12
Magnetic Length 0.6 m
Max gradient at 7 GeV 17 T / m
Pole tip inscribed radius 17 mm
2.6.2 Beam Diagnostics (number of each type)
Current Monitor for transmission efficiency 1
Beam position monitors for beam steering 13
(six for horizontal and seven for vertical positions)
Flourescent screen monitors for initial steering 5
Loss monitor 1
Vertical scraper sets (upper/lower) 2

BTS Parameters for Beam Diagnostics

Peak current (assume Gaussian bunch) 30 A
Bunch length (from injector synchrotron) 76 ps
Intensity per pulse 3.6 x 1010 e+
Charge per pulse 5.76 nC
Pulse rate 2 Hz