Advanced Photon Source

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Welcome to 2-BM-A,B

The sector 2 bending magnet beamline is fully dedicated to microtomography with capability to perform large field of view (20x2 mm^2) fast 2D phase contrast imaging for slow dynamic phenomena studies (0.1m/s). The applications of this beamline range from life science [1], geoscience [2, 3], physics [4], material science and engineering [5, 6], and paleontology [7]. The flexibility of switching setups and capabilities of developing on-demand accessory experimental techniques make this beamline versatile in tomography applications.

Beamline Specs
Source Bending Magnet
Energy Range 11-35 keV
Beam Size 25mm x 4mm
Energy Resolution (ΔE/E) 1 x 1012 @17 keV