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Sample Environment

Sample Environment
Oxford Cryo Stream T-Zero Sample Press & Pans Dry Ice
Cole Parmer Brushless Variable-Speed Digital Drive Linkam stages are no longer available via the Detector Pool as of 1/1/2017.  
T-Zero Sample Press & Pans

The Tzero press press has a smooth operating mechanism and automated force adjustment. The press kit includes die sets (4) for Tzero aluminum and Tzero hermetic pans / lids and also for our upgraded standard and hermetic pans / lids. The die sets are magnetically attached with no tools or user adjustments required. Each die set is color-coded to the box containing the compatible Tzero or standard aluminum or hermetic pans and lids.

Sample Pans and Lids

The EQPT POOL stocks the following material:

Tzero Hermetic Lids
(part number 901684.901)

Tzero Low-Mass Pans
(part number 901670.901)
TA Instruments

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Oxford Cryo Stream

700 Series Cryostream Technical Specifications

Temperature range: 80-400 Kelvin

Nitrogen gas flow rate: 5 or 10 liters / minute

Liquid nitrogen consumption: 0.6 Liters / hour at 5 Liters / minute gas flow

Temperature stability: 0.1 Kelvin

Cool down time to 100 Kelvin: 20 minutes

Length of transfer line (to end of nozzle): 2000mm

Oxfordcryosystem Web site:

DP Cryostream 700 User Guide

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Cole Parmer Brushless Variable-Speed Digital Drive

The Detector Pool has one unit available for loan.
Cole Parmer Pump Manual

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Dry Ice

Dry ice is now available in building 446. The Detector Pool staff can show you where it is. If you are going to get dry ice, be sure to use correct PPE. Floor coordinators have access for non business hours.
If you are going to request a large amount of dry ice (more than a slab) during the week, please let us or Keith Trychta (446 building manager) know at least a week ahead of time, so that we can ensure that it is available for you.

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