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Point Detectors

Point Detectors
Avalanche Photodiode (APD) PIN Diode Photomultipler Tubes (PMTs) Ion Chambers

Point detector allow user to measure x-ray beam flux, each measures a different range of flux.Ion Chambers measure the highest flux. Our calibrated PIN Diodes can measure fluxes from 104 to 1010 photons/sec. Photomultipler Tubes (PMTs) with NaI and YAP crystals can measure fluxes from 0 to 105 photons/sec. Finally, the avlanche photodiode (APD) is our fastest single photon counting detector.


Avalanche photodiode (APD)

The APS Detector Pool has a silicon APD with active area of 10 x 10 mmand thickness of ~ 180 microns (Part # C30703FH from Excelitas). The APD is packaged with a multi-stage preamplifiers by ATIM in France (Contacts: Thanh Deschaux and Francis Raimbert). The APD comes with low and high voltage power supplies. The Detector Pool database model name is: "EXCELITAS_APD_10x10mm2".

APD User Guide

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PIN Diodes
The APS Detector Pool has three calibrated and a few uncalibrated PIN diode detectors available for use.The diode is installed in a special housing with a light-tight window and a connector.
PIN Diode User Guide (ICMS)
PIN Diode User Guide  
PIN Diode Calibration Report (ICMS)

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The APS Detector Pool has two Oxford Cyberstar PMTs. One with a NaI crystal and one with YAP crystal. Additionally we have a Oxford Cyberstar X1000 and a X2000 controllers.

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Ion Chambers
The APS Detector Pool has four ion chambers available for loan. Two of the four are split ion chambers and all four units are from Oxford.

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