Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Germanium Strip Detector

In collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory, we are developing Germanium strip detectors for energy-dispersed and powder diffraction. One-dimensional detector arrays are needed both for energy-dispersed diffraction experiments, and for high-throughput powder diffraction experiments, which play an essential role in evaluating new materials at very high energies. The APS and NSLS-2 have partenered in a DOE-funded collaboration to produce low-noise, energy-discriminating readout electronics (based on BNL's MAIA ASICs) which will be mated to commercially available Germanium sensors from Semikon.

The core APS members include: Jon Baldwin, Russell Woods, Nino Miceli, Orlando Quaranta.


Ge sensor wire bonded to BNL's HERMES ASIC(a) Spectrum of 241Am as recorded by one of the 64 strips of the sensor. The resolution of the 60keV line is 450 eV.  (b) Histogram of the energy resolution of all 64 strips at 60keV. 59 of the 64 are below 550eV.