Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Beamline Safety Design Review Steering Committee


The Beamline Safety Design Review Steering Committee (BSDRSC) oversees pre-installation design reviews of APS beamline and front end systems and components, regardless of who generated the design. The reviews cover all safety aspects of the design, and any other aspects that may affect facility operations. (See the Design Review Reference webpage for links to design procedures, documents and drawings.)


Committee membership is chosen by role, and includes overlap with the following standing APS committees relevant to beamline / front end design reviews:

  • Electrical Safety Committee (ESC)
  • Laser Safety Committee
  • APS Pressure Systems Safety Committee (PSSC)
  • Radiation Safety Policy and Procedures Committee (RSPPC)
  • Radiation Safety Shielding Committee for Design Reviews (RSSCDR)
  • Safety Committee for Design Reviews (SCDR)
  • Beamline Commissioning Readiness Review Team (BCRRT)
  • Beamline Commissioning Team (BCT)

Current members of the BSDRSC are:

Member Division Role
Chang, Edmund HSE Quality Assurance, Laser Safety Committee, PSSC, SCDR
Davey, Steven AES SCDR, BCRRT
Den Hartog, Patric AES Mechanical Engineering
Doktorczyk, George FAC Electrical Engineering, ESC
Emery, Louis ASD ASD Representative, RSSCDR
Fries, Michael HSE SCDR Chair
Kurtz, Chuck XSD RSSCDR Chair, XSD
Markovich, Greg AES Safety Interlocks, ESC
Morrison, Leonard AES Mechanical Systems
Pedergnana, Patricia AES BSDRSC Chair
Ramanathan, Mohan PSC BCRRT, BCT, RSSCDR
Rosenberg, Richard XSD XSD Representative
Stevens, Andrew FAC Construction Safety
VanWingeren, Wendy PSC Critical Control System Manager, BCRRT Chair, BCT
Volin, Kenneth AES PSSC Chair, APS-U Representative
White, Clay PSC Experimental Facility Operations
  • Evaluate design submittals to determine the scope and complexity of the design.
  • As needed: request supplemental documentation; order large format prints; arrange for presentations; and schedule meetings.
  • Determine whether any technical reviews of the design were conducted and, if so, make the technical review documentation available to reviewers.
  • Require a review by the RSSCDR for any new or modified designs of shielded enclosures and radiation safety system components.
  • Charge the appropriate safety committees and/or subject experts to review the design, ensuring all safety aspects are adequately evaluated; for simple designs, a limited scope review conducted by subject experts on the steering committee may be adequate.
  • Assure the depth of the review is commensurate with the complexity of the design.
  • Combine the outcome of reviews by safety committees and subject experts, and reconcile any differences.
  • Provide an advisory report to AES division management summarizing the findings and recommendations from the review.
  • Track any review action items and provide a close-out report to AES division management.
  • File the reviewed documents, meeting minutes, and reports in the APS document management system ICMS.
Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are triggered at the request of AES Divisional Management, or at the discretion of the chair.