The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

6ID-B Station

PSI-circle Diffractometer


Diffractometer (PSI - 6 circle)

Huber psi-circle geometry diffractormeter controlled by psic (spec by certified scientific software software).


Polarization Analyzer                                                  2-Dimensional Detector (Pilatus 100K)      


Linear polarization-analyzer stage for any polarization direction           487 x 195 with 175 x 175 micron size pixels

Point detector - Cyberstar NaI scintillation, APD                                           (85 x 34 mm2) -20 bit dynamic range



Sample environment

temperature control system (closed cycle cryocooler)


4 K displex : temperature range (5K ~ 325 K) by ARS                                                 J-T stage displex (1.5 K ~ 50 K)



Motor reolution

Information related to Q resolution

Diffractometer angle resolution

Motor deadband (minimum movement of the motor)

Delta, Eta, Chi, Mu, Nu : 0.000125 degree
Phi : 0.00025 degree

Detector slit (ESRF type : maximum opening 7 x 7 mm2)

vertical and horizontal gap motors : 0.41 micrion



Cryostat carrier (sample positioning motors)

cryx, cryy, cryz : 0.3 micron