The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

ESAF Updates and Changes

Recent changes to ESAF- information updated on 8/18/2022


Date Completed (MM/YR) ESAF update or Change Impact/Reason
7/22 Remove Dates from Experiment Setup-Add wording in Experimenters page When adding start and end dates, INCLUDE any time needed for experiment set up and take down Gate Passes are given due to APS approval on ESAFs for the date range on ESAF.  Elimination of Experiment Setup dates will streamline the process
7/22 Adding User Badge Numbers to the EHCP report Easier to allocate proximity badges to users as badge numbers and names are available in the printed report.
6/22 Adding wording to requirements tab/EA checklist and comments about Heater Limits Per P. Rossi due to recent events. EA checklist and ESAF report has been updated with new comments
6/22 Experimenters tab: Spilt ANL employees to PSC vs ANL and Resident Beamline staff to Resident Staf Due to Current Covid restriction this makes counting onsite users easier as we don't have to look everyone up to see if they are PSC/Resident/External
6/22 Updated text on Experimenters page:  Users who do not have access approval dates that cover the experiment dates cannot be listed on the ESAF as user types onsite, remote, mail-in, or observer.
 Renew your registration at
Information on where to update your site access readily available on Experimenters page
5/22 Update to ESAF submitted Late email  Emails now comply to new guidance about 14 day or 7 day submission
5/22 Add all users to expired training email notification.  Previously only PI and SP were cc. All users are aware and can take their training without relying on PI or SP to forward email
5/22 Mail in users site access will not be greyed out/Expired Site access notification email to include Mail in Mail in users require valid site access during their experiment
3/22 COVID 19 related wording removed form ESAF and generated report.  Removal of Covid 100 training Due to restrictions for Covid-19 at this time
1/22 Update to Hazard Class Requirements Table Annual Update due to changes in WPC to align with ANL requirements
1/22 Addition of Sector 25 to ESAF Due to new construction and commissioning all stations have to be added to ESAF, Experiments FC shift log and User Directory
11/21 Addition of Sector 28 to ESAF Due to new construction and commissioning all stations have to be added to ESAF, Experiments FC shift log and User Directory
8/21 Lock Down of Experimenters Tab when ESAF is Fully Approved Due to restriction of numbers and site access
4/21 Updates to ESAF instruction Guide, Explosive table, Radioactive Tab Update of ANL WPC Controls


Add COVID-19 Statement to EA checklist, ESAF, COVID 100 training added, Covid wording added to emails

Due to restrictions for COVID 19.

Still in progress

Date Submitted

ESAF Update/Change




Experimenters table: Beamline Staff Restrictions


Will only allow Resident Beamline Staff to be selected in Beamline Staff user type


Update ESAF comment Summary tab and EA form with POC and Host Fields


Allow users to see who their POC and Host are in the generated report

4/22 New User Type-Please select

All users on an ESAF will now be automatically be placed in the Please Select category when copying ESAF and creating a new ESAF from BTR


Experiment Tab Valid dates

Users can not be added to the following user types if their site access is expired: Onsite, Mail in, Remote.  Instead if expired site access they will be automatically moved to OFFSITE


ESAF email notification for user type/No access approval email. Also update ESAF submitted emails to include list of users/User types At ESAF submission, all offsite users will receive an email to update their APS User registration for Site Access
6/22 Unlock the Experimenters tab after items above are completed Users/Beamline staff will be able to change users types from Offsite to another user type if valid site access regardless of approval status
4/22 Email reminder day before experiment This will include all users and their user type and remind PI/User/Beamline staff to update ESAF if valid site access was obtained after submission of ESAF
4/22 Experimenters table-No manual entry of users.  Must use Find key This will prevent incorrect institution and misspellings