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Contractor Safety Orientation Remote Training Instructions


Argonne Host/Technical Rep/Project Specialist/or Contractor Representative/Argonne Point of Contact:

Step 1: Send the BOX link to the contractor/subcontractor employees needing CSO (with the following instructions – Steps 2-4)


Contractor/Sub-contractor employees taking CSO or Corporate Point of Contact:

Step 2: From their own location, each contractor employee should view the course video (mp4 file) or read the presentation (pdf file).


Step 3: Contractor employees or contactor point of contact should fill  out the CSO Completion Record as acknowledgment of viewing and understanding the material. Please be sure the submitters email is correct before submitting. 


Step 4: After submitting the information, a new window will open with a “Print Screen” option. The submitter can then print, the document. Then click submit at the bottom of the page. 

·         If you are a contractor employee, sign and date the printed copy. 

·         If you are a contractor point of contact, make the printed copy available to the employees to sign and date so that each employee can bring a copy to present at the Argonne Visitor Center.


Step 5: Contractor and sub-contractor employees should bring the signed and dated documentation with them to the visitor center.  It will expedite getting them processed through the gate and allowed site access.  


NOTE: Completion of CSO training is not equivalent or intended to circumvent the gate pass and Argonne site access privileges. Contractor/Sub-contractor personnel are still required to go through the Gate Pass System through their Argonne Point of Contact (POC) despite completing CSO

All of the hyperlinks should be readily available for both Argonne employees and contractors based on their particular browser and firewall settings according to BIS. If there are any issues related to the links provided, please contact Chuck Clarke directly.


Database for Contractors who have had their CSO training:  Contractor Safety Orientation Records