The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Spectroscopy: Beamline 9-BM



The XSD Spectroscopy Group operates the bending magnet beamline 9-BM to serve the materials science, environmental science, energy storage and catalysis user communities. It provides a focused, tunable x-ray beam for XAFS (EXAFS and XANES) experiments with special capabilities for lower energy x-rays and in-situ/operando studies.


Supported Techniques

X-ray absorption fine structure

Beamline Controls and Data Acquisition

Windows with LabView


  • Ion chambers
  • Lytle detector
  • 4-element Vortex SDD detector on request
  • PIPS (on request)
  • electron yield detector

Additional Equipment

  • Cryostat (10-300 K) on request
  • Bruker FTIR spectrometer (concurrent DRIFTS and XAFS)
  • Automated hazardous gas handling
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Variety of in-situ cells for catalysts, liquids and batteries
  • Glove box (nitrogen, 0.1 ppm O2, 0.7 ppm water) for sample prep

Local Contacts

Name Shelly Kelly
Phone 630.252.0582
Name Tianpin Wu
Phone 630.252.1482
Name George Sterbinsky
Phone 630.252.6673

Beamline Specs


Bending Magnet

Monochromator Type

Si(111), Si(220)

Energy Range

2.1-24 keV

Resolution (ΔE/E)

1 x 10 -4

Flux (photons/sec)

1 x 10^11 @15 keV

Beam Size (HxV)


500µm x 500µm


3mm x 1mm