The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Methods to enter user publications into the APS publication database

The APS Publications Database is a searchable compendium of information on results from research at the APS, and the official source for listings of APS-related publications. It is the source for reports to APS review and advisory committees (including the APS Scientific Advisory Committee); the U.S. Department of Energy; and other government agencies. Maintaining complete and up-to-date records is of great importance to the facility and its users. Please note that the database is also the repository for dissertations, abstracts, awards, and invited talks. In this way, we hope to build a comprehensive record of information about research at the APS.

We appreciate your help in keeping this important database current, and hope that the database can also be valuable to you.

There are three ways that users, who are not APS employees, can get their publications records into this database. A user may send either a reprint of the article or complete information (authors, authors' institutional affiliations, article title, publication name, volume, issue [if appropriate], page number[s], and publication date) to the APS for entry. In either case, in order to make the record searchable, the submitter MUST identify (A) the beamline(s) where the research was carried out and (B) under what discipline the research should be categorized (a list can be seen in the "Disciplines" drop-down menu on the database search page).

  1. Send a PDF-file reprint or complete citation information (with beamline and discipline) electronically to
  2. Send a paper reprint or written information to:
    Jessie Skwarek
    Bldg. 401/Rm. A4131
    Argonne National Laboratory
    9700 South Cass Avenue
    Argonne, IL 60439 USA

    If you have questions, please call Jessie Skwarek at (630) 252-7994.
  3. Alternatively, any badged APS user may request direct database submittal access by sending an e-mail to The APS will set up entry-only access to the database. Some collaborative access teams (CATs) prefer to do the data entry. Users should check with their host CAT as to the preferred method of data entry.

After the record is entered in any of these ways, it is reviewed by the APS for completeness before it is made public.No matter what data-entry method is used, when the record is posted in the public database, an e-mail confirmation is sent to the person who submitted the record for entry.