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Beamline Steering Display Source Files

The URL's to link to the generic files are



Top level displays for floor coordinators will be available from the top-level
medm screen known as XFD-Display.adl from the "Beamline Steering"
pull down menu located in the center of the display.The top-level medm
screens providing links to all beamlines, if interested, are at



For sectors with double insertion devices, or other pv naming peculiarities, I have made special files:







For the canted undulator beamlines, the files to use are



Small versions of all of the above are available at










I recommend clicking on the above links, or pasting the URL of interest into your web browser of choice, and then using the "save as..." feature to dump it into a local file. You should probably retain the same file name, e.g. IDxbpm.adl etc.

Also, you will need the gif images






Then, in whatever operating system where medm is an operational program, the command

medm -x -macro sector=7,sector0=07 BMxbpm.adl &

brings up the display for beamline 7BM, for example, and similarly for all BM beamlines in sectors 1 through 9.The sector0 option is necessary for some process variables which have a prepended zero, specifically beamline shutter PS1 status.

For sectors 10 through 34, use the command e.g.

medm -x -macro sector=14,sector0=14 BMxbpm.adl

The command

medm -x -macro sector=7,sectorPlusOne=8,sector0=07 IDxbpm.adl

brings up the 7ID display. Just plug in your sector, sectorPlusOne and sector0 values.
The sectorPlusOne designator is necessary because beam position monitors from
both sectors 7 and 8 are needed for the 7ID source point for example.

If you live on an id beamline in sectors 2,3,4,11, or 14, or 34 simply replace the file IDxbpm.adl with e.g. IDxbpm14.adl, and you'll get both ID gaps to show up.

Finally, here is a complete list of commands, cut and paste the one applicable to your beamline:

BM lines:

medm -x -macro sector=1,sector0=01 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=2,sector0=02 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=5,sector0=05 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=6,sector0=06 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=7,sector0=07 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=8,sector0=08 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=9,sector0=09 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=10,sector0=10 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=12,sector0=12 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=13,sector0=13 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=14,sector0=14 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=15,sector0=15 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=16,sector0=16 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=17,sector0=17 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=18,sector0=18 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=19,sector0=19 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=20,sector0=20 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=22,sector0=22 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=23,sector0=23 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=24,sector0=24 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=25,sector0=25 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=26,sector0=26 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=27,sector0=27 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=28,sector0=28 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=29,sector0=29 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=30,sector0=30 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=33,sector0=33 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=34,sector0=34 BMxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=35,sector0=35 BMxbpm.adl

BM lines, small version:

medm -x -macro sector=1,sector0=01 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=2,sector0=02 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=5,sector0=05 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=6,sector0=06 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=7,sector0=07 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=8,sector0=08 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=9,sector0=09 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=10,sector0=10 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=12,sector0=12 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=13,sector0=13 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=14,sector0=14 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=15,sector0=15 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=16,sector0=16 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=17,sector0=17 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=18,sector0=18 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=19,sector0=19 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=20,sector0=20 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=22,sector0=22 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=23,sector0=23 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=24,sector0=24 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=25,sector0=25 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=26,sector0=26 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=27,sector0=27 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=28,sector0=28 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=29,sector0=29 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=30,sector0=30 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=33,sector0=33 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=34,sector0=34 BMxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=35,sector0=35 BMxbpmBrief.adl


ID lines:

medm -x -macro sector=1,sectorPlusOne=2,sector0=01 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=2,sectorPlusOne=3,sector0=02 IDxbpm2.adl
medm -x -macro sector=3,sectorPlusOne=4,sector0=03 IDxbpm3.adl
medm -x -macro sector=4,sectorPlusOne=5,sector0=04 IDxbpm4.adl
medm -x -macro sector=5,sectorPlusOne=6,sector0=05 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=6,sectorPlusOne=7,sector0=06 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=7,sectorPlusOne=8,sector0=07 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=8,sectorPlusOne=9,sector0=08 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=9,sectorPlusOne=10,sector0=09 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=10,sectorPlusOne=11,sector0=10 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=11,sectorPlusOne=12,sector0=11 IDxbpm11.adl
medm -x -macro sector=12,sectorPlusOne=13,sector0=12 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=13,sectorPlusOne=14,sector0=13 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=14,sectorPlusOne=15,sector0=14 IDxbpm14.adl
medm -x -macro sector=15,sectorPlusOne=16,sector0=15 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=16,sectorPlusOne=17,sector0=16 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=17,sectorPlusOne=18,sector0=17 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=18,sectorPlusOne=19,sector0=18 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=19,sectorPlusOne=20,sector0=19 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=20,sectorPlusOne=21,sector0=20 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=21,sectorPlusOne=22,sector0=21 IDxbpmCantedUS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=21,sectorPlusOne=22,sector0=21 IDxbpmCantedDS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=22,sectorPlusOne=23,sector0=22 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=23,sectorPlusOne=24,sector0=23 IDxbpmCantedUS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=23,sectorPlusOne=24,sector0=23 IDxbpmCantedDS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=24,sectorPlusOne=25,sector0=24 IDxbpmCantedUS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=24,sectorPlusOne=25,sector0=24 IDxbpmCantedDS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=26,sectorPlusOne=27,sector0=26 IDxbpmCantedUS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=26,sectorPlusOne=27,sector0=26 IDxbpmCantedDS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=30,sectorPlusOne=31,sector0=30 IDxbpmCantedUS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=30,sectorPlusOne=31,sector0=30 IDxbpmCantedDS.adl
medm -x -macro sector=31,sectorPlusOne=32,sector0=31 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=32,sectorPlusOne=33,sector0=32 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=33,sectorPlusOne=34,sector0=33 IDxbpm.adl
medm -x -macro sector=34,sectorPlusOne=35,sector0=34 IDxbpm34.adl
medm -x -macro sector=35,sectorPlusOne=36,sector0=35 IDxbpm.adl

ID lines, small version:

medm -x -macro sector=1,sectorPlusOne=2,sector0=01 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=2,sectorPlusOne=3,sector0=02 IDxbpm2Brief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=3,sectorPlusOne=4,sector0=03 IDxbpm3Brief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=4,sectorPlusOne=5,sector0=04 IDxbpm4Brief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=5,sectorPlusOne=6,sector0=05 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=6,sectorPlusOne=7,sector0=06 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=7,sectorPlusOne=8,sector0=07 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=8,sectorPlusOne=9,sector0=08 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=9,sectorPlusOne=10,sector0=09 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=10,sectorPlusOne=11,sector0=10 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=11,sectorPlusOne=12,sector0=11 IDxbpm11Brief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=12,sectorPlusOne=13,sector0=12 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=13,sectorPlusOne=14,sector0=13 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=14,sectorPlusOne=15,sector0=14 IDxbpm14Brief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=15,sectorPlusOne=16,sector0=15 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=16,sectorPlusOne=17,sector0=16 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=17,sectorPlusOne=18,sector0=17 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=18,sectorPlusOne=19,sector0=18 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=19,sectorPlusOne=20,sector0=19 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=20,sectorPlusOne=21,sector0=20 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=21,sectorPlusOne=22,sector0=21 IDxbpmCantedUSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=21,sectorPlusOne=22,sector0=21 IDxbpmCantedDSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=22,sectorPlusOne=23,sector0=22 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=23,sectorPlusOne=24,sector0=23 IDxbpmCantedUSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=23,sectorPlusOne=24,sector0=23 IDxbpmCantedDSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=24,sectorPlusOne=25,sector0=24 IDxbpmCantedDSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=24,sectorPlusOne=25,sector0=24 IDxbpmCantedDSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=26,sectorPlusOne=27,sector0=26 IDxbpmCantedUSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=26,sectorPlusOne=27,sector0=26 IDxbpmCantedDSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=30,sectorPlusOne=31,sector0=30 IDxbpmCantedUSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=30,sectorPlusOne=31,sector0=30 IDxbpmCantedDSBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=31,sectorPlusOne=32,sector0=31 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=32,sectorPlusOne=33,sector0=32 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=33,sectorPlusOne=34,sector0=33 IDxbpmBrief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=34,sectorPlusOne=35,sector0=34 IDxbpm34Brief.adl
medm -x -macro sector=35,sectorPlusOne=36,sector0=35 IDxbpmBrief.adl

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