The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Proposed APS-U Technical Parameters

The proposed technical performance of the upgrade is summarized in Table 1.  Current performance of the APS in 24-bunch mode is included for comparison.

Table 1: Comparison of performance between current APS and APS Upgrade

(*) 1020 photons/sec/0.1%BW/mm2/mrad2
(#) 1013 photons/sec in 0.5x0.5 mm2 pinhole @ 30 m
(&) 1018 photons/sec/0.1%BW/mm2/mrad2

To meet the above parameters within the given constraints, an initial conceptual design has been developed which includes the implementation parameters shown in Table 2.  

Table 2:  Key Implementation parameters for APS Upgrade

Table 3 lists the storage ring beam parameters at the ID source point for the APS-U timing mode with the 48 bunch and the brightness mode with the 324 bunch mode operations along with 98% and 10 % coupling.