The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

Guide to Installing SDDS and AOP Simulation Software on MacOS Computers


Authors:M. Borland, R. Soliday

A. Download and install XQuartz from

B. Create a directory to store the AOP programs. For example I use: ~/sdds

C. Download AOP software into this directory:

D. Run:
gzip -d *.gz
for f in *.tar; do tar -xvf $f; done
This will unpack the programs into ~/sdds/darwin-x86 and ~/sdds/oagtcltk

E. Setup environment variables in ~/.profile

  • export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=darwin-x86
  • export HOST_ARCH=darwin-x86
  • export PATH=$HOME/sdds/darwin-x86:$HOME/sdds/oagtcltk/usr/bin:$PATH
  • export "TCLLIBPATH=$HOME/sdds/oagtcltk/usr/lib/oag $HOME/sdds/oagtcltk/usr/lib"
  • export RPN_DEFNS=$HOME/sdds/defns.rpn

F. If you installed oagtcltk.darwin-x86.tar.gz you will have mpl_motif in your path, which is our Motif plotting program. Motif doesn't work well with the newer versions of XQuartz. First try to run mpl_motif to see if it brings up an empty plotting window. If instead it prints an error, try this:

If mpl_motif still won't work, try this:
sudo cp /opt/X11/lib/libXt.6.dylib /opt/X11/lib/libXt.6.dylib.original
sudo cp -f /opt/X11/lib/flat_namespace/libXt.6.dylib /opt/X11/lib/libXt.6.dylib
If mpl_motif still won't work, you will have to use sddsplot with the -device=png -output=sddsplot.png options to print directly to a file.