Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

AOP Group Members

Scientific Staff
Name Contact
Joesph Calvey
Deputy PAR & Booster Manager
Jeff Dooling
Physicist, Deputy Linac Manager
Louis Emery
Deputy Group Leader, Senior Physicist
Storage Ring Manager
Kathy Harkay
Physicist,  PAR and Booster Manager
Ryan Lindberg
Vadim Sajaev
Group Leader, Physicist
Hairong Shang
Computer Scientist
(Application Development)
Robert Soliday
Computer Scientist
(Application Support)
Yin-E Sun
Physicist, Linac Manager
Yipeng Sun
Aimin Xiao
Deputy Storage Ring Manager
Chih-Yuan Yao
Physicist, STA
Chiefs of Operations
Name Contact
Randy Flood
Safety Interlock/Controls/IT Chief of Operations,
MCR Supervisor
Stan Pasky
LINAC, Radiation Safety System,
PAR/Booster Chief of Operations
Karen Schroeder
Storage Ring Chief of Operations
Assistant Chiefs of Operations
Name Contact
Steve Bogdan

Steve Christensen

Greg Fystro

Steve LaBuda

Dmitriy Ronzhin

Name Contact
Alyssa Angel

Ted Grodecki

John Mazzio

Eric Smith

DeeAnna Weyer

Group Secretary
Name Contact
Maria Gerches