The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS Pressure Systems Safety Committee (PSSC)

July 8, 2015


The APS Pressure Systems Safety Committee (PSSC) is an internal review committee that advises APS management on all issues related to pressure safety within the APS.

The committee shall work to increase the level of pressure safety and pressure safety awareness within the APS.The committee shall take a leading role in implementing at APS the policies and practices recommended by the Argonne Pressure Technology and Safety Committee (PTSC) and adopted by the Lab.

The Committee acts at the discretion of its chair; as a committee, an ad-hoc subcommittee, or by the chair alone.


The APS PSSC consists of a chairperson and committee members with significant experience in pressure related design and engineering.The APS Director appoints the PSSC chairperson and approves its membership and charter.

The current members of the PSSC are:

K. Volin - Chair AES
E. Chang AES
J. Collins AES
A. Deriy XSD
D. Ferguson AES
J. Fuerst ASD
B. Glagola PSC
P. Rossi XSD
G. Swetin AES

The Committee will:

  • Advise APS management on implementation of the Argonne Pressure System Safety Manual (PSSM).
  • Serve as subject matter experts in areas of pressure safety and regulatory compliance for the APS divisions.
  • Review, upon request, pressure safety aspects of proposed major facility changes, APS and user experiment pressure system design, fabrication, test, inspection, operation, repair and maintenance procedures for compliance with Argonne and APS safety requirements.
  • The committee shall take a leading role in implementing standards/requirements from the Argonne PTSC.
Frequency of Meetings

The committee shall meet as determined by the chair, but at least once each year.