Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

APS-U Director's CD-2 Review


I am pleased to report the successful completion of the Director¹s CD-2 Review of the APS Upgrade that took place between September 11 and 13. The Committee, chaired by Ed Temple, was charged by the ANL Director to assess the readiness of the Project in areas of management, scope, cost and schedule, environment, safety and health, quality assurance, and documentation preparation. The reviewers were uniformly positive in saying that we are on track for achieving a successful DOE Lehman CD-2 review in December. This outcome is central to one of Argonne¹s Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan goals for fiscal year 2012.

During the course of the review, twenty reviewers heard over forty presentations spanning the scope of the Project. The Committee made thorough and constructive recommendations that will certainly help improve our preparedness for the CD-2 Review.

This was an extraordinary effort for all involved, and I sincerely thank you for your contributions to this very successful achievement.

George Srajer
APS Upgrade Project Director and Deputy Associate Laboratory Director, Photon Sciences