The Advanced Photon Source
a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility

APS Colloquium 1999

The monthly APS Colloquium series is intended for the benefit of the Advanced Photon Source and Argonne community, by bringing distinguished scientists in all disciplines to lecture on topics of general interest.Objectives include the cross-fertilization of research initiatives at various institutions and the identification of possible uses of the Advanced Photon Source.

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Announcement of APS Colloquium series commencement

What do the blue sky and high temperature superconductors have in common? - Dec 1, 1999

David L. Ederer, ANL Fellow, Tulane University


Are we making any progress on the high-Tc superconductivity problem? - Nov 3, 1999

H. A. Mook, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Past and Future of Accelerator-based Particle Physics - Oct 6, 1999

John Peoples, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Physics at the Breakfast Table - Sep 8, 1999

Sidney Nagel, The James Franck Institute and The University of Chicago


Cosmology:From Quantum Fluctuations to Expanding Universe - Aug 4, 1999

Michael S. Turner, The University of Chicago and Fermilab


The Hope for Restoring Life after Sudden Death: Cellular Research and Future Therapies - July 7, 1999

Lance B. Becker, The University of Chicago


Magnetism in Low Dimensions: Challenges and Opportunities at the Turn of the Century - June 2, 1999

Arthur J. Freeman, Northwestern University

The Uses of Intense Particle and Photon Beams - May 5, 1999

Andrew Sessler, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory