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GSAS-II Users' Meeting

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1:00 p.m.

Bob and Brian will talk about what they have been working on and what they plan to get done. There will then be time for problem reports and enhancement requests.

GSAS-II is an APS-developed software package for x-ray and neutron diffraction, supporting data analysis techniques that include single-crystal crystallography, powder diffraction crystallography (Rietveld analysis), stress and texture measurements, small-angle scattering, area detector calibration and integration, and reflectometry. It replaces the aging GSAS/EXPGUI packages, which are currently cited ~500 times/year, but GSAS-II offers many more capabilities, and sees a citation rate doubling each year. This monthly topical meeting is intended for ANL-based scientists who use GSAS-II at their beamlines or in their research.
Information on past and future topical meetings can be found at:…


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