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NST Seminar: In situ Tunable Vortex Behavior in an Artificial-spin-ice /Superconductor Hybrid Structure

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Jing Xu, Northern Illinois University
Xufeng Zhang
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3:00 p.m.

Superconducting (SC) and ferromagnetic (FM) hybrid systems provide an intriguing combination of two contrasting phenomena and their mutual interactions have been extensively studied to tailor their electromagnetic behavior. Here, research results on a novel FM/SC hybrid structure consisting of a unique artificial spin structure deposited onto a superconducting MoGe film will be presented. Our new spin structure can produce magnetic charge ices mimicking those of a square artificial spin ice with the added value that their long-range ordering can be easily realized and controlled with the application of an in-plane magnetic field [Science 352, 962 (2016)].  The magnetic charge ices can affect the behavior of superconducting vortices present in the underneath MoGe film [Nature Nanotechnology 13, 560 (2018)].  The novelty of our magnetic spin structure and its impact on vortex dynamics will be presented, which include a reconfigurable matching effect and rectification effect. By controlling the symmetry of the magnetic charge ice with an in-plane external magnetic field, those effects can be achieved with in-situ tunable amplitude and polarization.

Jing Xu is a Ph. D. student in Northern Illinois University and is expected to receive his Physics Ph.D. degree in May, 2019. Since 2015, he has been a guest graduate student in Argonne’s Materials Science Division. His research has been focused on magneto-transports on topological quantum materials and vortex dynamic in superconductors as well as nano-engineering magnetic materials. He has published 6 articles in Science (co-author), Nature Nanotechnology (co-first-author), Nature Communications (first author), and Physical Review B (2 first author and 1 co-author).


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